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1. Formal Suits of all styles and materials

2. For Men and Women

3. Suitable for all formal occasions

4. Various styles in stock all year round

5. Can be made to order based on blueprints or photos

MOQ: 50 Pieces / Style for in stock; 500 Pieces for made-to-order

Lead Days: 3~5 days for in stock; 25 Days for made-to-order

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Formal Suits Manufacturing Service

[SKU: MWU-S-00001]

Fashion Design Services

Our Fashion Design Services begins with proper planning to ensure timely products to market that meet consumer demands. We work in concert with your existing fashion design and/or management team to deliver critical and objective analysis to help you make the right decisions. Our process includes trends research and market analysis while examining the competitive landscape and your brand positioning. This process is to ensure relevant products to market that meet consumer needs and desires while maintaining the integrity of your company’s brand position and identity.


We use industry trends research and market analysis to build overall design concepts utilizing visual tools and presentations (story-boarding and sketch designs) for your review and approval. Our design concept development is a collaborative effort with your company to ensure total buy-in before we begin the design process. This phase of our process combines analytics with creativity to help your company achieve maximum results.


Once we have total buy-in and approval of the design concepts, we begin the design process. We work with our team of internal fashion designers who begin with developing flat designs of the garment for your review and approval. Each approved flat design is then converted into a set of technical documents (also called Tech Packs), which includes all the math and geometry required to bring a flat design into an actual product. Fashion design tech packs are a critical component of the deign process and is required for Pre-Production, Apparel Manufacturing, and Quality Control.

Apparel Pre-Production Services

Our Apparel Pre-Production Services offer a complete solution to prepare your garments for full-scale production and manufacturing. We utilize industry leading apparel development software and technologies to achieve maximum operational efficiency to meet your needs. Proper apparel pre-production and planning may significantly reduce your production and manufacturing costs, while ensuring top quality output. In this phase of our process it is important to identify each garment’s key characteristics in an effort to develop operational best-practices and understand resource requirements in order to ensure production consistency and quality.

Our apparel pre-production services works to develop fashion and apparel collections and requires a minimum of 5 unique styles. Our process starts by developing your technical design (Tech Flats) to create digital patterns, develop size grading, and make first samples for your review and approval. Our pre-production services also include fit testing and revisions to meet your specific sizing requirements. During this phase of our service we also offer cost engineering expertise (evaluating fabric, trim and labor costs) to help you forecast and budget production costs. Understanding your overall per unit production costs will help you develop accurate wholesale and retail pricing strategies.

At the conclusion of the pre-production process you may elect to continue working with CustomClothingFactory for Production & Manufacturing services (minimum from 100 to 1,000 pieces per style). However, our pre-production services also help you identify and secure additional factories (Domestic or International) for larger-scale production on quantities over 5,000 units per style.

Apparel Production and Manufacturing Services

CustomClothingFactory offers Apparel Production and Manufacturing Services out of our factory based in the China. Our company is a boutique manufacturing and production house, offering only the highest quality output with relatively low Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs), starting at 100 pieces. CustomClothingFactory is a fully licensed garment contractor in the State of California by Department of Industrial Relations, where we not only meet but exceed all State (and Federal) regulations on environmental issues, workers rights and safety.

CustomClothingFactory is a CMT service provider (Cut, Make, and Trim) utilizing the latest in equipment and technologies. Our total services also includes fabric and trim sourcing, designing, manufacturing, finishing services including sewing all garment labels, affixing hang-tags, and final packaging (in ready to ship condition to retail outlets or to end consumers). As a boutique production house, CustomClothingFactory has the internal resources and capabilities to help launch new brands and collections, while meeting mission critical deadlines.

Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs)

Our MOQs are based on the complexity of each garment and generally fall into one of three categories Basic, Designer, or Couture. For example, easier garment like T-shirts fall into our Basic category and have a higher MOQ, while more complicated garments like outerwear fall into our Couture category and have a lower MOQ. The MOQs are based on each individual style number.

Any further questions, please E-mail us: Info@customclothingfactory.com

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Good To Know

How it works - Production by stages:

If you are new to apparel production or have never dealt with a clothing manufacturer like CustomClothingFactory before, please read this information as it will help you understand how garment production usually works.

But please do keep in mind, this is just an example.

Knowing a bit more about the stages of apparel production will make our communication much smoother:

1. It all starts with your sketch, drawing, design or maybe a garment that you own but would like to modify with an idea in mind.

2. Please think about what fabric, lining, zips or trims you plan to use for your style. We can help source fabric for you in most cases but it is always good to have a clear idea of what fabric you are going for.

3. Develop more technical information like a spec sheet or a tech pack for the garment’s style, size preferences/chart. This information will help your clothing manufacturer better understand how you want your style to look after its completed.

4. Decide on the colour and type of fabric, size variations you plan for your garment and also quantities of the style (per colour and size) before you go in to production. Order quantities will have an impact on manufacturing costs so we recommend 100psc per style for small runs at least.

5. Now that we have more details you probably want to see a sample made and have a look at a completed garment in real life. Before this is possible a clothing manufacturer like CustomClothingFactory needs to make patterns for the style you chose. Patterns can be paper based or digital. Our patterns cutters work with almost any format. We can create patterns for you based on designs, sketches or samples. Patterns are basically block parts of clothes that are used to cut out specific pieces of fabric in certain shapes, that when sewn together will make up a complete garment. Its very important to get these patterns right to achieve a great looking style once manufactured!

6. Now that patterns are cut, we can sew a sample of the chosen style (calico, toile, production sample). Sample making is one of the most important stages as you would probably like to see that particular piece of clothing you designed in real life before it goes to bulk production.

7. Once the sample is made and you see that everything fits and sits correctly, the fabric is right and the design looks good you would probably like to have this garment manufactured in various sizes.This is when we take the patterns made before and grade them to more sizes according to your order – pattern grading.

8. Assuming all the fabric sourced and arrived we are ready to start manufacturing your clothes in the quantity and size variety you require. Note that quantity per style and size impacts costs so we recommend for a minimum of 50pcs per style.

9. We want to make best use of fabric and utilise as much as possible – this is where marker making comes in. This is the process of positioning your patterns on the fabric in such a layout that will allow us to cut it in a way that allows reducing waste. This process is often computer aided and is done by highly skilled professionals.

10. Now comes the cutting of the fabric itself. It is done using industrial machinery or plotters (for bulk orders). Note that different fabrics need to be cut separately.

11. With all the fabric cut we are ready to sew everything together and attach all the trims. When sewing different coloured fabric styles threads also need to correspond. We use different coloured threads for each type of fabric and machinery needs to be readjusted to work with the specific type of fabric smoothly. This is why low order quantities with lots of colour variations require more time and have a higher cost. Readjusting machinery and changing threads and all related preparations require manual tweaks.

12. Attaching labels (brand, size, care) is usually done while the garment is still in production. This is why its important to have all labels before we launch production of your clothing line.

13. After completion each item is thoroughly inspected by quality control and neatly packed before we ship it out to you.

To place an order or get an estimate, please CONTACT US.


What is Pattern Making?

Pattern making is a process of making template pieces of a garment. Usually cut out from thick paper or created digitally with software, these templates are later used in cutting out specific parts of clothes from fabrics. Another name for pattern making can be pattern cutting.

What is Pattern Grading?

Pattern Grading is creating various sizes from the master pattern. Using our software and database, it is possible to grade for average measurements or to produce clothes for certain body types or genders.

What is fitting sample or a toile?

Sample making is producing clothes from designs. With it you can get the look and the feel of the designs and fabrics before launching production.

Toile is a prototype or the first version of your garment using cheaper fabrics. With it you can get the look and feel of the design and fabric before launching full scale production and wasting expensive fabrics.

Why do I need a Sample before production?

As a beginner designer, what you design on paper or with a software program may sit and look differently in real life. This is why we recommend to produce a sample (or various samples in different sizes) before starting production. That way will be able to make precision corrections on the design before launching full scale production.

What is Marker Making?

The process or arranging and laying out patterns on the fabric to make best use of the fabric. Even when producing small quantities, marker making is essential. This process is computer aided which not only gives us great efficiency but also reduces waste and saves valuable time.

What is Style Sheet?

Stylesheet is your garments specifications. This sheet gives information on designs, fabrics used, available colours and trims, detailed description of the garment, sizing of the garment and a simple design sketch front and back side.

What is a Line Sheet?

Line sheet is basic documentation for your garment, company and order possibilities. This includes styles, available sizes, colours, fabrics used and other specifics that are needed to present to the buyers.

What is a Technical Pack?

Tech pack is a very important document that allows better communication between designers and manufacturing.

Tech pack has all the necessary components to create a garment. Usually a tech pack includes detailed measurements, trims, materials and fabrics, desired colours or color codes, labels and tags and other information.

Having a tech pack will make creating a line sheet and stylesheet a much easier process.

If you do not know how to or do not have the time to create a tech pack – don’t worry, we can create a tech pack for you.

What is Cut Make Trim or CMT?

Cut Make Trim or CMT is part of the production process that involves:

1. Cutting the fabric – CUT;

2. Various sewing steps are performed to produce a garment – MAKE;

3. Garments are trimmed, evaluated for quality and packed for delivery – TRIM;

Just give us a tech pack and we will execute production.

If you don’t have a tech pack but have a design or a sketch, no worries, CustomClothingFactory can help you create one.

Working With CustomClothingFactory

What is the Minimum/Maximum Order Quantity?

Depending on the type of garment we advise for a minimum quantity of just 100psc per style.

Before production we always advise to make a pre-production sample.

You can place an order for a smaller quantity for an additional cost.

Having 6 large factories and 4 small production facilities ensure we can also work with large orders up to hundreds of thousands whilst maintaining excellent lead-time.

Is the quote free?

Yes, Absolutely free.

I only have a design or sketch?

We can produce a sample or full run with just a design.

Tech pack development, fitting sample, toile and sales sample will be produced upon your request in the process before starting full scale design manufacturing.

I already have a sample made, can you work with that?

Absolutely! Send us your sample and we will manufacture the garment.

We can also create a technical pack for the garment and perform size grading.

What is the lead time? Time of Production?

Depending on the services you requested, full production from design to ready made garments can take 2-5 weeks. If you have a tech pack and fabrics and just need production it will be much quicker.

What's the delivery time?

Sample delivery is 3~5 business days to arrive most western countries by international express with tracking code. So do small orders.

For bulk order, sea shipping takes about 1 month to arrive in most western countries.

It is also possible to ship bulk orders via international express.

All shipments come with a tracking number and are sent with a reputable international express company.

We deliver to your doorstep and can ship worldwide.

If you are in a real hurry it’s possible to negotiate faster delivery times for an additional cost.

I don't have fabrics or other materials, can you help?

We can help source fabrics, zippers, buttons etc.

As CustomClothingFactory produces for many fashion brands we buy fabrics in bulk so we may have fabrics at a discount for you.

Can you schedule and hold a certain manufacturing capacity specially for us all year round?

If you are a medium or large fashion brand in need of outsourcing production please CONTACT US. We will make our partnership mutually beneficial.

Can you use my fabrics, zippers, buttons, etc?

Send us your materials and we will be happy to work with them.

I am not in China and I don't have an agent neither, can I work with you?

Not a problem. As a garment manufacturer CustomClothingFactory can work with you no matter where you are. You can use our clothing manufacturing or pattern making and sampling services from any city or region around the world. We have lots of clients we manufacture clothes for from Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, France, Switzerland and from other European countries. International express companies allow sending you samples or a small to medium batches wordlwide. If you are not sure about something – please CONTACT US. We are always there to help!

Clothing Manufacturing Services

CustomClothingFactory is here to ease the process of starting and growing your fashion brand with our clothing manufacturing services in China.

Get your garments manufactured and make an impact on the fashion industry today. CustomClothingFactory already helped so many clients, and we are just getting started!

Why Us?

1. We do small runs (low minimum order quantity)

2. From sketch to full production runs

3. Fast + Affordable + Reliable

4. Free quotes

5. Ideal for emerging designers / Medium and Small businesses

6. We are cooperating with many fashion brands around the globe

Our Services

 Cut Make Trim / Full CMT

For experienced clothing brands and existing customers doing re-stock orders having all but the sewing sorted already we offer a comprehensive CMT/CM service at a very reasonable price.

 Pattern Making & Sampling

We will cut patterns and make a sample based on your designs for you to approve before mass production. Once the fit of the sample is approved, we can proceed to grade your garment to other sizes.

 Sourcing Materials

We also provide sourcing services as part of your clothing manufacturing project and can help source high-quality fabrics from China and trims or have them made specially to your specifics.

 Computer aided production

Efficiency is key. Our manufacturing software ensures we use your fabric efficeinty. We develop digital patterns or digitise your paper patterns to use with advanced specialised software. This allows us to plan the layout and cut in the most waste-less way.

 Small & Large Orders

Once you approve the pre-production sample and you are ready for bulk manufacturing our factory can handle as little as 100pcs per style (including various sizes) to thousands. Small to industrial size runs all with a fast turn-around.

 Delivery to your doorstep

We deliver to you doorstep in the shortest time using only the most reliable curriers. All shipments come with a tracking number.

To place an order or get an estimate, please contact us by E-mail (CustomClothingFactory@outlook.com) or telephone (+86-181-0982-3641)


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